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The Sandster

Our Sportster has been transformed into a dirt-road eating beast.  Chopped the back-side, enhanced suspension, converted to a chain, and added a bunch of performance-oriented mods. 

The project took a long time, but finally taken over and completed by our friends at Other Life Cycles, Denton, Texas.  Paint by Sean Starr. Naturally.  That's the two of them smirking down below...

Donor bike:  Harley Davidson Sportster 1200r
Year:  2007
Frame Fabrication:  In-house and OLC
Fueling:  S&S Cycles
Intake:  Detroit Bros
Exhaust: Roland Sands
Drive:  Zippers Performance
Skid Plate: In-house
Suspension:  Progressive Suspension
Wheels: OEM
Tires: Allstate Tires
Battery: AntiGravity
Seat: Angie Dixon
Paint: Starr Kustom
Sheet metal: OLC
Break light: OLC
Controls:  OEM
Bars:  Something we had laying around
Mirrors: We don't need no stinking mirrors
Blinkers:  See "mirrors."